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Is US-Reviews the Best Independent Review Site?

In the present world, online customer reviews are the virtual treasure of businesses into e-commerce. This level of importance is because customer reviews as a method of feedback help the company improve on its fails and further focus on the strengths. If your business has a website, then chances are you are receiving reviews from customers that buy the products and services provided thereon.

However, the bulk of the review that serves as boosts to the online footprint and authenticity of established brands comes from independent review sites. Internet sports several independent review sites that serve various niches and locales. As an e-commerce business owner, there are several factors to consider when deciding on the right combination of independent review sites with which to subscribe. With those factors in mind, we shall be highlighting reasons why US-reviews remains the best.

Pricing of the review page package

There are several review sites, like Angie’s List and Trustpilot, which allow companies to collect customer’s reviews for free. At extremes, some of these price-friendly sites allow premium customizable review services, for companies that are willing to pay a discounted token. But, will these freebie services succeed in the effort of bridging the gap between the company and consumers? 

Terms of service

Many of the free review sites give sign up and default review access to companies, but in the long run, start unleashing queer added charges. Though the prices charged by US-reviews are by no means cheap, at the onset. But, when you add up the cost implication of all the extra charges that come hidden in the fine print of free or cheap review sites, you are better off sticking with premium service that helps you concentrate on running your company.

Company coverage

There are review sites that have a niche of companies for which they can gather feedback; companies outside such niche are a no-go for this kind of website. Examples of such niche review sites are Themegrade, Knife Rating, and Roulette. But, talking about companies in the US, US-reviews has no limitations whatsoever. So far, it is a company domiciled or doing business in the US; you can write a review about it on US-reviews.

Brand management role

Taking up the responsibility of brand management companies is by no means inferred here. In cases of significant and confrontational complaints, most review sites are passive. However, US-reviews could assess the situation and subsequently serve as a mediator between the company and the customer. Such mediation would save the company in question the trouble of a blight on the brand credibility that it has meticulously built. Now, the clause to this role is, the company in question must have a track record of excellent customer experience reviews.

Goody peddlers

US-reviews may not be in the business of buying over customers with cheap services and discounted offers. But whenever any of the companies for which they collect feedback is running a promo or discount offer, they are usually one of the first to let customers know.