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Must-Try Food In And Around Kathmandu Valley 

When you go around Kathmandu valley, you will come across cuisines from around the country. One of the most popular cuisines in Nepal is Newari. It is a part of Newari culture, which originated in Kathmandu valley itself. There are so many restaurants that offer rich and authentic Newari dishes. 

In the same way, you could also eat dishes from around the world in the Kathmandu valley, whether it’s oriental, continental, fusion or American fast food. The restaurants here that serve these items do the best job when it comes to preparing them in as authentic a manner as possible. Doesn’t matter how long you’re planning to spend here, you can be rest assured about never getting bored of the food that is offered to you.

To try these food items, you could either visit the wonderful restaurants, sit comfortably in their amazing ambience, and enjoy the delicacies, or you could order them and enjoy them at the comfort of your homes. Thanks to online food delivery services like Foodmandu, the latter option doesn’t just seem like a possibility, but also you’re offered the best deals Nepal with them. The best deals Nepal could include large discounts, gifts, and so many others.

Newari Foods

Doesn’t really matter what community you belong to, if you’ve ever tried Newari cuisine, chances are that you will love them. From a wide array of meat dishes to alcohol and desserts, there are so many items that Newari cuisine has to offer you. There are few really famous items like chhoila, chatamari, yomari, bara, thho, and so on that most people know about, but turns out, all these just the tip of an iceberg. There are so many things to explore and look into.

As mentioned above, Newari cuisine includes dishes made popular by the Newar community. They are a group indigenous to Kathmandu valley. With time, they migrated to different parts of Nepal, and along with them, they took their dishes. Currently, Newari dishes are served in various parts of Nepal, especially in major cities. There is no doubt about the fact that you will absolutely adore Newari foods.

Sekuwa And Taas

While sekuwa is the Nepalese version of barbequed meat, taas is meat fried in a pan. Both are authentic Nepali cuisines, and you will find quite a few restaurants in Kathmandu serving them. When it comes to sekuwa and tass, you have meat options like chicken, buffalo and pork, both wild and domesticated. You could go with the one that tingles your taste buds the most. Both sekuwa and tass are served with vegetable or peanut salad, puffed rice and gravy. You could have them with bread or rice too, but this combination is believed to be the best one.

Chicken Station

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that Chicken Station is one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu. Started only a couple of years back, it is one of the most popular choices of the youths and grown ups alike. As the name suggests, one of their signature dishes is fried chicken. You could also get a lot of other fast food items here. Great interior design is another factor that adds to the charm of the restaurant. The food items here are offered at affordable prices. You’d surely want to come here time and again, especially if you love chicken.

Doesn’t matter whether you visit the restaurant in person, or hire an online food delivery service like Foodmandu to bring you the food at the comforts of your home, make sure to try all these amazing items. You will absolutely adore newari foods, sekuwa and tass, and obviously, the food items from Chicken Station. It is one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu for a reason. Also, you are offered the best deals Nepal here. You’d definitely want more; no doubt about it.