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What to Know When Hiring a Professional Entertainer

If you have never had a professional entertainer work an event for you, then you will want to research some preparations. There are so many types of performers that you can hire so you should brainstorm what kind of entertainer you are looking for.

Live music, DJs, magicians, or comedians can be available to you for your parties and events. While planning your party, find out what kind of entertainer would fit best and research as far in advance as much as you can. Follow some of these tips below.

Know Your Entertainer

Before just letting anyone off of the street or perhaps Craigslist come into your home or your venue, you should make sure they are well vetted. There are specific websites that provide professionals who have been vetted through an established system.

Adam Wylie is a close-up magician who has been performing these kinds of tricks since childhood. He is an actor and has been on television shows such as Picket Fences and Castle. Additionally, he was on Masters of Illusion. 

Entertainers such as Adam are official and have testimonials of their proven success with previous clients. This is by far the best rogue when you are researching for your event. Scams are everywhere and you do not want your party to be a bust because of someone trying to take advantage of you.

Get Some Examples

It is wise to preview your performer prior to your event. If you are able to see them live, that is even better. If not, then any videos of previous gigs should show you the flow of their performance, how the audience received them, and how entertaining or engaging they are.

Usually, a pro in the arts industry would have no problem showing you examples of their work. Almost every artist, whether it be performance or any other type of art, has a portfolio of some sort to display their skills. Most pro performers would love to talk about how they are different from their competition.

Additionally, if you speak with someone over the phone, you should make sure to actually figure out if they are the ones who are performing or not. That way, if you have questions, you can be sure to get the proper answers. An assistant or manager may be able to give you answers, however, if they are not helpful, you can request to speak with the performer.

Make a List

A good list is always a good idea and is quite underrated. Once you establish who you want at your gathering, there is still going to be a lot you need to get done. As mentioned above, you will probably have questions and these are great to have written and prepared for your special guest.

You should review your itinerary for the day of the event and make sure they are aware of the flow. You should discuss what they need from you, if anything, so you can have that prepared ahead of time. It wouldn’t be very productive to find out they need access to power the very same day of the event and you had planned to set them up by the pool.

Keeping open communication with your guest is key. You may get a performer who has it all together and really delivers exactly what you need without having to ask. However, artists have a knack for being a bit spontaneous, so you should do your best to assist them.

Having an entertainer at your bash is going to set your gathering apart from any others. Your guests will be raving for months to come and they will be begging you to share your secrets. Following these tips will only prove most beneficial for you.