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Your new ally in the kitchen: palm oil

Nowadays there is a great diversity of oils in the market but palm oil is the one that stands out the most due to its great versatility in the multiple uses it can have in the food and gastronomy industry. Thanks to its physical and chemical properties it is currently the most consumed worldwide because it gives certain products such as margarines and shortenings the necessary consistency without the need for hydrogenation. This allows for the consumption of much healthier foods since hydrogenation is responsible for forming the so feared trans-fatty acids that cause problems to the health of the people who consume them. EPOA is an alliance of refiners and producers present throughout Europe that was created with the aim of promoting the production of palm oil in a sustainable manner.

Used for thousands of years

Palm oil has been used for 5,000 years in the eastern and southeastern regions of Africa. Due to its great versatility it has become one of the most produced oils worldwide which has caused an exponential growth towards countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia. Palm oil has been used in a wide variety of everyday products including margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressings and peanut butter, as well as milk powder, pasta, snacks, ice cream and chocolate. Its wide use in gastronomy is due to the fact that it not only helps food to have a better consistency but also helps to absorb liposoluble vitamins (vitamins D, E, A, K) that help keep the body in optimal condition.

EPOA: A quality and sustainable elaboration process

In order to obtain the palm oil that will be consumed by millions of people around the world, there are procedures that guarantee an excellent quality in the final product but that are also accompanied by a methodology that makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly. EPOA was born out of the need to produce palm oil that meets the highest international standards and is sustainable both in terms of the environment and the economic boost it provides. Thanks to an alliance between refiners and producers EPOA can bring to the table a quality product certified under the strictest standards and adapted to modern needs while generating a positive socio-economic impact worldwide. EPOA is committed to promoting palm oil production throughout Europe by stimulating local economies and generating more jobs and a greater welfare for all involved.